A necessary guide for any Army Spouse

A comprehensive, easy-to-read resource for Army Spouses

The Army Spouse Handbook will help you be the best Army Spouse you can be

The Army Spouse Handbook will help you be the best Army Spouse you can be

A resource for all Army Spouses — privates' Spouses to generals' Spouses

The Army Wife Handbook updated for today's Army

What you will find inside the Handbook

440 pages of insightful information that covers every aspect of life with the Army!

Guidance about the social graces that will make you comfortable in any situation. A guide for attending and planning unit coffees, teas, receptions, formal balls, and dining-outs—including tips for entertaining with ease and flair.

An easily understood description of the Army’s structure and its unique culture and protocols for ceremonies, including parades, changes of command and responsibility—everything you need to know to make your life as an Army Spouse enjoyable and fulfilling!

Every social event can be Instagram worthy!

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The Author

Ann Crossley

Ann is the author of the venerable Army Wife Handbook and the Air Force Wife Handbook. An Army Brat, an Army Spouse, and talented writer, she came out of retirement to provide the Army spouses of the 21st Century with an up-to-date guide.


Ginger Perkins

Ginger has published several Army spouse advisory and unit social guides, including the Training and Doctrine Command Army Spouse Protocol and Social Guide. Ginger is the driving force who put together the fabulous group of Soldiers and Army spouses who contributed to this book.

With Contributors:

Carol Brooks, Brad Combs, Rochelle Crockett, Holly Dailey, Claudia Davenport, Jennine Duelge, Gretchen Escribano, Sheila Hairr, Lynda MacFarland, Angel Mangum, Shand Mayville, Kathleen Palmer, Joelle Pekala, Cassandra Perkins, Maggie Phillips, Aimee Randazzo, Connie Roy, Cindy Scaparrotti, Linda Tarsa, Linda Via

“The Army Spouse Handbook is my go-to-guide!”

—Gretchen Escribano, former Soldier, Army Spouse, Army Mother, 35 years and counting

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